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How it Works

Launch Your Campaign

Set a goal and broadcast why you're passionate about building urban promise beginning with girls.

Spread The Word

Engage your community. Reach out to your loved ones, friends (and strangers!) and urge them to donate.

Tap Your Creativity

Donate your birthday, shave your head, host a dance party. Most importantly — have fun!

Fundraiser Ideas

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Donate Your Birthday

Turn a day just about you into day about urban promise for all. What a beautiful day!

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Take On A Challenge

Run a marathon, summit a peak, grow a mustache. The possibilities are endless!

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Host An Event

Throw a party; a screening of A Path Appears or a dance off. Have fun with it!

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Olivia dedicated her birthday and raised $3,215!

-  Who would pop out of your birthday cake? Oprah!

-  What is your birthday indulgence of choice? I grew up in an international immersion school in San Francisco, later moved to New York, and I am currently in business school with people from all over the world. Bringing my friends together, from all the different parts of my life, is the best birthday indulgence.

-  Why dedicate your birthday to SHOFCO? The world needs educated girls. Educated girls directly combat major societal threats, such as extreme poverty, child marriage, gender based violence, HIV/AIDS, infant mortality and extremism. Girls education has proven to be the single most impactful tool for development to date. Yet, millions of girls are continually denied their right to education. I dedicated my birthday to SHOFCO to help provide the world with more educated girls. SHOFCO is not only educating girls, but is also leveraging the power of girls education to lift Africa's largest slum out of poverty. There is no better birthday gift.