Adult Literacy & Entrepreneurship

Kenya is home to 5.6 million adults who never went to school and are illiterate-SHOFCO's adult literacy classes address this learning gap.1 Acquiring literacy skills is essential to addressing inequalities, as adults learn not only to read and write, but also to take control of their everyday lives through activities like banking, completing forms, reading instructions, and voting.

Beyond literacy, our Skills Training for Employability of the Urban Poor (STEPUP) program creates economic empowerment opportunities, especially for vulnerable women and youth (ages 18-35). Through enterprise development, financial literacy training, and employability initiatives, this packaged intervention provides beneficiaries with the opportunity to pilot small and medium sized enterprises or obtain employment in the formal sector. Once participants satisfy training requirements, they become eligible for loans in order to launch their business. Our platform nurtures the business visions of emerging entrepreneurs into sustainable realities.     

Based on UNICEF population estimates and adult literacy rates.