Gender Development Department

In Kenya:

  • 40% of Kenyan women have experienced violence1

  • Up to two-thirds of women who were physically or sexually abused were abused by husbands or other relatives1

In our Community:

  • 43% of sexually active female adolescents living in Kibera reported that their first sexual experience was forced2

  • 47% of girls say describe being scared of someone in the neighborhood2

Because gender-based violence is a complex issue that involves physical health as well as social wellbeing, our services extend beyond providing immediate healthcare and shelter for survivors. Through the Gender Development Department, Kibera’s first community-led gender-based violence (GBV) response and prevention network, SHOFCO employs a multi-strategic approach to GBV in Kibera.  The Gender Development Department is comprised of male and female case workers from the community who combat GBV holistically—from prevention, to legal accountability, to providing survivor treatment at the JJJ clinic, counseling, shelter, and economic empowerment programs. Case workers also do outreach, especially with men, to educate and empower the community and work toward the ultimate goal of creating a future without violence.

1 Kenya Demographic and Health Survey, Government of Kenya, 2003

2 Adolescence in the Kibera Slums of Nairobi, Kenya, Population Council, 2007