Shining Girls for Kibera

Girls in Kibera face tremendous obstacles to securing an education, employment and protection of their physical and emotional wellbeing. Beyond the daily hardship of life in extreme poverty, these young women also face horrific rates of sexual assault and incest, and a lack of access to basic needs like food, shoes, clothing, and sanitary napkins. 

Shining Girls for Kibera is a self-named girls’ empowerment group that addresses these needs, made up of teenagers who are active in our other youth programs. SHOFCO provides the Shining Girls a safe space staffed by social workers and strong female role models who lead discussions about sexual and reproductive health, rape prevention and response, and other gendered challenges. The Shining Girls also collaborate with each other through dance, song, and theater performances that they share with their peers. To help these young women stay in school, all Shining Girls take part in a monthly sanitary napkin distribution program, and receive school uniforms and supplies.