Youth Services & The Ghetto Mirror

SHOFCO’s Community Center provides a safe space for youth to gather and access programs specifically geared towards young people. Youth programming includes youth empowerment groups (The Shining Girls and Shining Boys of Kibera), sports teams, resources for job placement and vocational training, and youth-led activities such as artistic performances and slum-wide cleanups. 

Several members of our youth launched The Ghetto Mirror, a community newspaper entirely written, edited, and produced by reporters from our youth programs, in collaboration with two local staff members. The Ghetto Mirror is dedicated to reporting stories relevant to informal settlement communities and has gained enormous popularity across Nairobi slums. Reporters from 12 different slums write for the paper, and the editorial team receives hundreds of text messages each week from young people forwarding breaking news and requesting topic coverage.

Read the latest Ghetto Mirror Issue here!