Sponsor a SHOFCO Student

Sponsors are a key part of the powerful support team behind the students at our free schools. Beyond the cost of a superior education, sponsorship provides for a child’s nutritional, medical and other basic material needs. We strive to have our sponsorship program be meaningful and long-term. Through the SHOFCO sponsorship program, twice annually, you will receive a photo, letter, and update on your student’s progress in school.

SHOFCO’s incredible teachers are Kenyan professionals with a passion for student-centered education. They serve as positive role models for our students and create a safe, nurturing environment in the classroom. Sponsoring a teacher supports salary, benefits, and daily meals.

  • Sponsor a student: $100/month, $1,200/year 
  • Sponsor a teacher: $350/month, $4,200/year 

Across our two schools, we still have 94 students awaiting sponsorship! We depend on your dedication to support this our newest cadre of precocious girls. 

If you are interested in sponsorship, please email zev@shofco.org