A Girl's Life

In this touching video, SHOFCO 6th grader Eunice discusses her dreams and hopes for her future, from visiting New York City to becoming a doctor. We know this bold, thoughtful, young leader will forge her path from poverty. Rose, the caretaker of SHOFCO's boarding house, Margaret's Safe Place, shares her beleif in the vast potential of SHOFCO students. Credit: the tremendously talented Josh Hayward

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At this year's Clinton Global Initiative, Chelsea Clinton featured one of our 12-year-old students, Beldin, as she performed her poem, "The Flowing Dream" 

Imagine growing up in Africa's largest slum, where 1.5 million people live in an area the size of Central Park. There are no roads, no sewer systems and few dreams, but here Kennedy Odede is giving the gift of "shining hope" to more 36,000 women.

When a problem presents itself, do you stand by and watch it happen or do you tackle it head on? For humanitarian Jessica Posner, the answer is simple: do something about it. In this jaw-dropping talk, Jessica tells about risking comfort and safety, tackling issues head-on, and bringing passion to do good for others.

Kennedy discusses his experience growing up in Kibera, his personal inspiration, and the power of hope on a panel with Chelsea Clinton and social entrepreneur Asma Mansour moderated by CNN's Christiane Amanpour.