From the Classroom: My Dreams

From the Classroom: My Dreams
April 30, 2013 Media Team

In our after school program, the fourth grade girls are learning about what it means to dream. We asked the girls to describe their dreams – for tomorrow, for the year, and for their life. Enjoy their responses, below.

Lorna, Grade 4


Tomorrow I would like to have a goal which is I want to work hard in class and I also want to dream about good things that I am the best and I hope my dream will come true.


My goal for the year is to be number one in class and also my goal is to be the brightest girl and learn more things.


In my life I would like to be a doctor in the future. In my life I would like to be the best doctor in the world. In life I would like to pass my exams and go to the national school. When I grow up I want to be a doctor to help other people from different diseases.

Herenia, Grade 4


To be the cleanest

To understand everything

To come and become the best


To enjoy Christmas

To graduate to the next class

To be the head girl


To be the best woman

To have a master’s degree

To pass all examinations

I’m dreaming to be a chef and a nun because I want to cook for the President. I also want to teach people about God the father.

Eunice, Grade 4


I will be a good girl.

I will be a nice and perfect girl.

I will treat people all over the world.


I will obey.

I will respect.

I will be obedient.

I will be hardworking.

I will be careful with my study.


I will be a doctor.

I will help children.

I will help the needy go to my hospital.

I will have my own property.

Selma, Grade 4


To come to school when I am blessed and early and also not to become sick


To work hard and go to the next class then go on to university


To have a big house and have a nice life and drive my own car with my children

I will become a lawyer to defend everyone.


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