Education Shines Hope for Girls in Kenya’s Largest Slum

A post penned by Kennedy on the importance of global education and SHOFCO’s role in promoting that in Kibera, Mathare and beyond.

NYT-Women in the World Praises Eunice’s Poem!

Women in the World in association with the New York Times spotlights Eunice’s powerful delivery of her heartfelt poem “My Dream” in front of thousands at the 6th Annual Women in the World Summit.

WNYC Feature

“Finding Love in a Hopeless Place” – an interview with Kennedy and Jessica on the Leonard Lopate Show.

Fast Company Spotlights Jessica and Kennedy’s Leadership

In How Two Broke Students Opened a Girls’ School in a Kenyan Slum Fast Company shines a light on the potential of young leaders to create positive change.

Mashable Highlights SHOFCO’s Feature in A Path Appears

In The activists working to transform Africa’s largest slum, one girl at a time Mashable celebrates SHOFCO’s journey to build urban promise and our feature in the PBS documentary, A Path Appears.

Kennedy Writes Second CNN Op-ed

Kennedy writes CNN op-ed about the promise of women and youth in Africa’s Surprising Future

NYT-Women in the World Presents Kennedy and Jessica’s Journey

Women in the World in association with the New York Times details SHOFCO’s exciting evolution.

Forbes Features SHOFCO’s Innovation

Forbes features SHOFCO’s Ashoka Changemakers Award: 2 Innovations Bringing Simplicity Back to Health Care

Kennedy Named One of Forbes’ 30 Under 30

Kennedy Odede Named One of Forbes Magazine’s “30 Under 30: Social Entrepreneurs”

Kennedy Writes Op-Ed for Project Syndicate

Kennedy Odede writes an op-ed about the challenges of urban poverty for Project Syndicate: Africa’s Urban Challenge

Kennedy Writes Second New York Times Op-Ed

SHOFCO Founder Kennedy Odede writes second op-ed in the New York Times:Terrorism’s Fertile Ground

Nick Kristof Features SHOFCO in 2-Part Op-Ed

Nicholas Kristof featured SHOFCO in his weekly op-ed in a two-part series:  In This Rape Case, the Victim was 4 and How Brave Girls Helped Crack a Taboo

Nick Kristof Highlights Kennedy as Aspiring Mandela on NPR

In NPR broadcast, Nick Kristof highlights Kennedy as one of the “aspiring Mandela’s” across the world: Who Is the Next Mandela?

Chelsea Clinton Shares SHOFCO Story in Blog Post

Chelsea Clinton shares SHOFCO’s story in a blog post for MSNBC’s Rock Center: On Assignment: Couple’s love story leads to life-changing school in Kenyan slum

Chelsea Clinton Reports on SHOFCO for Rock Center

Chelsea Clinton reports on Shining Hope for Communities for MSNBC’s Rock Center: Couple’s school becomes a lifeline in Kenyan slum

Kennedy Writes CNN Op-Ed

Kennedy Odede writes CNN op-ed celebrating Nelson Mandela: In an African slum, talking to Mandela

Nick Kristof Features SHOFCO in NYT “Holiday Giving Guide”

Nicholas Kristof features SHOFCO in his New York Times 2012 Holiday Giving Guide: Gifts that Change Lives

VOGUE Features Jessica Posner

VOGUE Magazine features Jessica Posner. Read the full article on Scribd: Vogue – Up Front with Jessica Posner of Shining Hope for Communities

NBC Nightly News Features SHOFCO

The “Making a Difference” segment on NBC Nightly News features Shining Hope for Communities

Nick Kristof Shares SHOFCO Story in NYT Op-Ed

Nick Kristof shares the story of SHOFCO’s impact in his New York Times Op-Ed: Just Look at What You Did!

The Lancet Highlights SHOFCO

The Lancet features Shining Hope for Communities: Grassroots Project Shines Hope on Nairobi Slum Life

Kennedy Writes Op-Ed for the New York Times

SHOFCO Founder, Kennedy Odede, writes Op-Ed for the New York Times: Slumdog Tourism