Alyana Popat

Alyana Popat

Marketing Manager, Simba Hospitality & Advisory Council Chair, Simba Foundation

Alyana is the Marketing Manager for Simba Hospitality, a pillar within Simba Corporation, a diversified conglomerate in Motor, Hospitality and Real Estate. She is also heavily involved in setting up and running the Simba Foundation, the corporate social investment arm of Simba Corporation that aims to create sustainable opportunities for empowerment of African communities. She also previously worked in the Strategy and Business Development department as a Business Analyst.

Alyana has undertaken several internships at the following organizations; Standard Chartered, Deutsche Bank & Citibank.

Alyana holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Management from Manchester Business School.

Alyana has a strong passion for philanthropy and social entrepreneurship. She is a member of the Ismaili Economic Planning Board, a committee that helps improve the economic well-being of the Ismaili community by providing guidance and assistance. She is also an avid participant in the SHOFCO mentoring program.