Community Advocacy (SUN)


Increasing social capital

Encouraging collective action

Our approach does not just address immediate needs, but works to empower communities to be a part of long-term transformation. We believe grassroots advocacy is a powerful tool for change.

Our community advocacy efforts are organized through our SHOFCO Urban Network (SUN) – a platform which empowers individuals to come together, become leaders in their own communities, and effectively advocate for their rights.

We focus on 1) capacity building by providing basic services for economic and social growth, 2) increasing social capital through engaging youth and encouraging community-wide collaboration, and 3) encouraging collective action by providing ways for youth and community members to participate in large-scale efforts focused on government accountability and other societal issues.

SUN members have created successful group savings and loan programs, a scholarship program for secondary school, and held a peace march that brought together over 6,000 slum residents to end violent protests surrounding Kenya’s 2017 presidential election.