Community and Economic Empowerment

SHOFCO is dedicated to providing slum communities with the tools to create bright futures for themselves. Our community programs provide resources to further economic opportunity and advance human rights, creating space for individuals to pave personal paths out of poverty.

Community empowerment programs include: Youth Peer Providers, Women’s Empowerment Project (SWEP), Gender Development, Early Childhood Development, The Ghetto Mirror Newspaper, and community centers which serve as meeting places and house libraries and computer labs.

Our economic empowerment programs are run through our community empowerment department. They include: group savings and loans (GS&L), adult literacy and computer literacy classes, entrepreneurship and business mentorship, and skills training for employability of the urban poor (STEP UP).

These programs allow individuals and families to make the transformation from a mode of ‘everyday survival’ to one of ‘planning for the future.’ Families are able send more children to school for longer periods of time, and increased earnings and savings contribute to improved nutrition and better living conditions, ultimately translating to a lower incidence of illness and a healthier, more productive life.

Impact in 2015

Entrepreneurs starting & growing their business

Amount saved by SHOFCO community groups

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