Gender Based Violence

Our program services include:

  • Psychosocial and legal support: providing ongoing mental health counseling, group therapy, and legal counsel
  • Economic empowerment: helping survivors of violence access income, start and grow their own businesses, and end the financial dependency that often causes violence
  • Sexual and reproductive health education: providing young people (under 35) with information, contraception, and spaces to ask questions
  • Gender safe house: provide temporary shelter for women who have been victims of gender-based violence. The safe house opened in October 2017 and will support 12-15 women and children at a time and ensure victims are connected with SHOFCO’s long-term health, legal and economic resources

From the very beginning, SHOFCO’s mission was to counteract the multifaceted nature of gender inequality, whether it was educating girls, providing affordable healthcare, promoting the economic power of women within a household, or increasing safe and consistent access of water. We have put added emphasis on gender-based violence, awareness and response services because of the overwhelming need and lack of services available. There is a high prevalence of domestic violence, community violence and a lack of social safety nets in slum communities in Kenya.

Resulting from an overwhelming need, we have added an emphasis on combating gender-based violence, violence awareness, and response services. Our caseworkers also do outreach in the community to educate and empower them to achieve a future without violence. Our gender department handled 4,635 sexual and gender-based violence cases in 2022.