Mimi Sternlicht

Mimi Sternlicht

Founder of Bread Ventures, née Bread + Buzz LLC

Mimi is a Creative Director and Social Entrepreneur by both profession and passion. Founder of Bread Ventures, née Bread + Buzz LLC, a boutique creative business development agency, she is a strategic thinker that uses a right-left brain approach to solving problems. Her for-profit clients are primarily in the hospitality and lifestyle spaces, her not-for-profits in the education and human capital spaces.


Formerly an Award-winning copywriter for Y&R and DDB Needham Advertising, she left the advertising world in 2006 to start her own IPs, The Loading Dock venue, the only loft event space in Fairfield County CT (later sold to Abigail Kirsch Catering) and Campus Goose LLC, a working model for student support employing empty nesters.


In the philanthropic world, Mimi is devoted to education and the arts and the opportunities and growth they can affect. She developed and continues to run a college mentoring program for promising students at the New York City charter school Harlem Village Academy. She serves on the arts education committee and advisory board of The Park Avenue Armory, is a NYC charter member of One Goal Graduation, conceived to provide the soft skills and advocacy required to see high school students through college, has served two terms on the board of Teach for America, and works to promote the restoration of the iconic Philip Johnson Glass House through her advisory role on the National Trust for Historic Preservation.


When not working on her passion projects, Mimi has taken on a variety of home renovation and restoration projects, where she finds satisfaction rethinking spaces, reusing materials, and experimenting with innovative design ideas. She holds a BA from Brown University in English, Organizational Behavior and Management and Semiotics.