SHOFCO'S COVID-19 Response

SHOFCO'S COVID-19 Response

SHOFCO'S COVID-19 Response



SHOFCO'S COVID-19 Response

We are in Action

We are working around the clock to mobilize slum communities around the threat of COVID-19, and promote best practices that will prevent or contain spread of the virus in the 14 urban slums where we work across Kenya. Since our response began over a month ago, we have had 23,739,125 uses of our handwashing stations, and have screened 1,472,952 slum dwellers for potential symptoms.

Our approach relies on two integrated parts: direct interventions and community-led mobilization through our SHOFCO Urban Network (SUN) organizing platform that has over 160,000 members. We have launched a multi-pronged prevention and preparedness campaign focused upon community health, WASH, and nutrition interventions over the next three months.


Our Community-Based Response

Public Awareness and Community Outreach: Public Awareness and Community Outreach: Community Health Workers and SUN volunteers are going door-to-door across the slums to raise awareness, distribute soap, hand sanitizers, and informational pamphlets in Kiswahili. We have trained 97 Community Health Workers and mobilized 630 SUN volunteers, who have reached 351,054 households door-to-door.

Health Screenings: We have completed 1,472,952 screenings for COVID-19 symptoms through our clinics and household-level outreach, done in coordination with Nairobi county health workers. Suspected cases are referred to the Ministry of Health for quarantine and testing.

Handwashing and Sanitation Campaigns: SHOFCO has installed 297 handwashing stations across major entry points into the 14 settlements where we work, staffed by volunteers, which serve as key access points for health awareness information and distribution of informational pamphlets, soap, and hand sanitizer. We have also installed access points at our 24 clean water kiosks and 47 community toilets throughout Kibera.

Provision of Clean Water: We have provided 3,925,890 liters of free water in Kibera via our innovative aerial water piping system. In communities where we don’t have water systems, we have distributed 17,380,000 liters via water truck access points.

Distribution at Scale: SHOFCO partnered to source 400,000 bars of soap to be distributed to every household in the 14 slums where we work. To date, we have reached 1,514,225 unique household members through the distribution of 401,537 soaps and 265,942 hand sanitizers.

Combating Misinformation: We are collecting questions, rumors, and reports of misinformation from community members via SMS or door-to-door surveys that we fact-check and address via local radio and other direct communication strategies. To date, we have enrolled 351,054 contacts in our SMS platform, and analyzed 7,643 household-level survey responses.

Emergency Food Support: SHOFCO is bulk purchasing basic essentials (cooking oil, rice, etc.) that we can offer below retail costs in our sites in the event of food shortages or extreme price-gouging that would severely impact vulnerable slum residents. We are conducting targeted food distributions to ensure the most vulnerable do not starve, and have reached 13,130 slum dwellers to date.

Direct Cash Transfer: In partnership with GiveDirectly, we are providing direct cash transfers of $30 USD equivalent per month for three months to vulnerable families. To date, we have disbursed $1,167,720 to 20,401 families in the SHOFCO Urban Network.

Gender Based Violence: Our Gender Department has responded to 1,345 cases of gender-based violence. Since our COVID-19 response began, we have seen a 289% increase in average cases per month.

We are working in alignment and close coordination with local and national government stakeholders that have expertise on outbreak response protocols and referral procedures but lack the ability — and supplies — to conduct an effective response in the slums. We are working with the UN, UN-Habitat, OCHA, and Amref, as well as the Government National COVID-19 Community Engagement task force, where SHOFCO Co-Founder & CEO Kennedy Odede is leading the informal settlement working group. Kennedy has also been appointed to the National COVID-19 Emergency Response Fund, which allocates resources nationwide.

Our schools and way forward

Following government recommendations, SHOFCO has suspended classes at the Kibera and Mathare School for Girls until further notice. We will continue to take action to ensure beneficiaries, community members, and staff are protected and provided with accurate and up to date information.


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