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As the first cases of Coronavirus (COVID-19) have been confirmed in Kenya, SHOFCO has stepped into action in order to protect the health and wellbeing of the community members we serve.

We are implementing immediate responses across our two biggest informal settlements, Kibera and Mathare, and will continue to monitor ongoing developments as we take aggressive action to prevent the spread of the virus in Kenya’s urban slums:


Our Interventions


Handwashing: SHOFCO has installed 30 handwashing stations across all major entry points into the Kibera and Mathare slums, complete with information on best sanitation practices. We will continue to expand the number of stations as-needed.
Public awareness and sanitizer distribution campaigns: We are partnering with the government to train community health volunteers to sensitize communities on health-promoting behaviors and combat dangerous misinformation. SUN volunteers will go door-to-door raising awareness and distributing soap and hand sanitizers.
Respiratory symptoms screening: We have expanded ongoing TB screenings to include symptoms that may indicate coronavirus infection. Case-finding: We are working with Nairobi county health experts in tracking community members that have traveled or come into contact with anyone with symptoms. Clinic readiness: Our health clinics are stocking up on medical supplies and protective gear in anticipation of patients with coronavirus symptoms Community Nutrition: SHOFCO is prepared to distribute food supplies to vulnerable slum residents should a food shortage or extreme price-gouging occur in Nairobi.

Our schools and way forward


Following government recommendations, SHOFCO has suspended classes at the Kibera and Mathare School for Girls until further notice. We will continue to take action to ensure beneficiaries, community members, and staff are protected and provided with accurate and up to date information.

Our Response Partners

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