Meet our Library Coordinator

Meet our Library Coordinator
September 16, 2019 Media Team

SHOFCO’s seven community centers and libraries provided library services to 27, 921 community members in 2018. We talked to David Ouma Otieno, the Library Coordinator, and he had this to say:

“As a library coordinator at SHOFCO, I am passionate about everyone seeking knowledge. I am here to support. I am here to witness people from our community taking back their lives. With education, it is never too late. Often, I do not see many elderly people coming to the community library to study, but I understand.

They probably feel uncomfortable being in the room studying with their children. So they would rather study at home. For that reason, we have decided to make the journey easy for them by taking the knowledge to them. We do that by giving them reading materials for a week and follow up on what they have learned when collecting them. We also project educational material in different schools to make it easy for them.”

Photo: Anwar Sadat.


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