Field Trip to Nairobi’s iHub

Field Trip to Nairobi’s iHub
November 4, 2013 Media Team

At the beginning of October our third and fourth graders took a field trip to Nairobi’s iHub. The iHub is the epicenter of Nairobi’s growing technology scene and provides working space and support for technology organizations and entrepreneurs. One of those amazing organizations is the AkiraChix. AkiraChix is a group of Kenyan women working in ICT related jobs that uses training and mentoring to inspire and grow the number of women working in technology. When we heard about AkiraChix we thought they were such an inspiring group and reached out to them about ways we could work together. They are currently working on developing an after-school program to teach our girls in computers and technological literacy. However, they were also gracious enough to give us a tour around this amazing facility. The girls were able to meet people working in many different technological sectors — and asked many questions. It was a wonderful experience and we know that in addition to a few doctors, lawyers, and teachers, some of our girls at KSG will grow up to be Kenya’s top coders and tech experts.


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