From the Classroom: Children’s Rights

From the Classroom: Children’s Rights
December 3, 2012 Media Team

Our Third graders spent some time writing their thoughts on why protecting the rights of children is so important. Read a few responses below:


By Beldin, Grade 3

Dear parents why do you deny children education? Give them education because is their right. Children want to be what they want to be in the future please give them their rights. Some children are really abused, please parents take care that you are the ones to be in charge. You should give children basic needs first. You should shelter them second you should give them food and you should cloth them so that they can’t shiver. You should keep your children away from bad people example: strangers and take care of them because when I hear parents deny children rights.

Children’s Rights

By Joyce, Grade 3

We should not deny children their rights because without them, how can they survive? We should love, care and protect them from strangers. If you have a child, please don’t mistreat her because she is a gift from God. Children’s rights are important because how could they live without then. Example, right to eat. When the child could not be eating, how could they have been. My friends, don’t keep quiet if anyone is denying you your rights. I know some of you are being mistreated but don’t keep quiet, stand and fight for your rights. When you are stranded you can come to KSG and they can help you.

The Girl Child

By Jackline, Grade 3

The girl child here in Kibera is so miserable. The parents of the girls dislike the girls they give them a lot of work to do. Sometimes they don’t give them food they beat them without reason and they really really mistreat them. The parents of the girls some times don’t give them the basic needs but the boys they give them what they need. If I am speaking to any girl outside there please don’t sit and watch instead stand up and fight for your rights. Come to KSG and your dreams will come true.


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