From the Classroom: I AM ME Poems

From the Classroom: I AM ME Poems
August 3, 2012 Media Team

Our students wrote some amazing poems about themselves and their dreams. Enjoy them below:

“I AM ME” By Vanessa Irago

2nd Grade, 3/7/2012

I am Vanessa

I am as brave as a lion

I work hard to achieve my dream of becoming a doctor

I am a flower

I make your garden full with beautiful colors

I am the happiest girl in KSG

Whatever I am, I am always happy because I know

Even if I’m by myself

There’s somebody who cares for me and loves me

I am beautiful

I love how I was created

I am the Grumpy Bear

I always know your feelings

I make your dreams come true

I am brave because I look forward to my education success

I am enormous because everyone in KSG knows me

And even there are some people around the area who know me

I am a little angel

I fly to help other people survive

I am the wind

I give you fresh air

I am the sun

I make your crops grow

I am special

I work hard for my teachers and parents

I am as brown as the sun

I am shining

I am a human being

I am the playful girl in KSG

I am graceful, hopeful, and lovely

I am the most brilliant girl in the whole wide world


“I Am Me” By Joyce Wangoi

1st Grade, 21/06/2012

I am a smart girl

I am hardworking KSG

I am like a sun

I give people the light

I am silly like my friends

I am a good girl

I am clever and strong like a rabbit

I have magic wisdom

I am a chameleon

I change colors

I am like a snake

I have many colors

I am like a tortoise

I have a big shell

I walk slowly

I am like a bat

I fly night

I am not a fighter

I am a good friend


“I Am Me” By Joyce Achieng

3rd Grade, 21/06/2012

I am a famous girl

I am a genius girl

I am a moon

I give light

I am an angel

I make people happy

I am a butterfly

I make our country beautiful

I am a ball

I bound up and down

I am a lion

I am serious about my work

I am the prettiest girl

I am a clever girl

I am an intelligent girl

I am the most beautiful and hardworking girl in the world

I am me

“I Am Me” By Sheldan Mbuta 

Kindergarten, 21/06/2012

I am nice

I am an angel

I am a star

I am a fish swimming in the pond

I am as powerful as a lion

I am the king of the jungle

I am a girl

I am great

I am in school

I am a schoolgirl

I am shining

I am me

“ I Am Me” By Martha Achieng

2nd Grade, 21/06/2012

I am Martha

I am a girl

I am a fat girl

I am as strong as a lion

I am a lion

I am beautiful

I am a princess

I am from Nganza province

I am a flower

I am coulourful

I am powerful

I am a wind

I am silly

I am curious

I am from Kibera School for Girls

I am a clever girl

I am a girl who knows how to read and write

I am a lazy girl

I am a tricky girl

I am the sense of humor

I am the once who makes people laugh

I am a doctor

I am helpful

I am an angel

I am smart

I am loved by many people

I am lucky to learn in KSG

I am a friend to Emily

I am glad to learn in the Girls school

I am perfect in the whole world

I am thankful to myself



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