From the Classroom: Poems by KSG’s Teachers

From the Classroom: Poems by KSG’s Teachers
May 22, 2012 Media Team

The following poems were written by our teachers when our students began studying family dynamics in social studies. They are memorized and recited by the students for visitors, parents, and the community. Most recently, “Battered Woman” was performed for International Women’s Day.

I am Tired Mama  – translated from Swahili

I am tired mama!

Tired of choking in the storms of sand.

Tell me mama!

Were you ever a child, did you sing and dance?

Did you dance in the rain and slide down the valleys or were you suffocated in this storm of sand?

I am tired mama!

And I long for Canaan, take me to Canaan, take me to Canaan where children are children, playing by the pool side, splashing water, where laughter is laughter, excitement is nourishing and giggles rock the air.

Take me to Canaan where birds sing the morning dew away, pick and peak their chosen bits, in the whispering wind of the Jordan River.

Take me to Canaan mama will you?

Battered Woman

Battered woman

When are you going to learn?

He doesn’t love you

You are on your own

The beatings hurt, the scars have gone

But sooner or later you are sorely beaten

What is it going to take for you to just leave?

Why just stay there until you can’t breathe?

Battered woman

I know what you’re thinking

It’s your fault for what he’s doing

You blame yourself

Over and over again

You ask yourself “will this abuse ever end”

He’s going to keep doing it.

It’s all up to you

You just have to get the courage to move on to something new

It’s not going to be easy.

Take it one day at a time.

They have to subside and you will finally have a peace of mind.



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