From the Classroom: Student Stories

From the Classroom: Student Stories
May 22, 2012 Media Team

A Trip to Upcountry

By Christian, 2nd Grade

One day we woke up very early in the morning. we went outside to wash our faces and brush our teeth. We wore our Best clothes and packed all the things we need such as clothes, food, drinks and shoes.

Our mother walked with us to the road we went to olympic our mother told us to eat our food after eating we rested and then our mother told us to stand up so that we can border for a bus.

When we reached the busstop we entered the bus many people were there they were making noise that made me close my ears. my mother told me to find a seat. I got a seat somebody told me to move on my sit she was a big person. So i moved on the chair and let her seat.

I went to the other seat i saw tall building the conductor said it is time to eat we ate the food that we had now the bus had stopped and we had to border for another bus my mum told us to move. We moved in the bus we went to another type of bus. The bus went fast as it can.

I Saw many people and family back where many people were in the family back they maked a line and the were traffic lights the light was colour red so the bus stopped until it continued going we were going to reach the conductor.

My Doll

By Joyce, 3rd Grade

My doll is called Francesca. She is four years old. She lost her family then Arna took her and went with her to her house. One day Arna decided to come with Francesca to Kibera School for Girls and meet a new friend. That’s how she came and met me. She is beautiful and polite. I like her very much.

I met friend outside hear our clinic. I saw her shivering, very hungry and she was crying. She told me that she is feeling cold and hungry. I took her to our class and covered her with my sweater, than I gave her food. I love her very much and she loves me too. I love her because she has good abilities. We feel happy together and we appreciate each other.

She is a great doll and kind. On Sunday, we went to church and saw many things and from there we went to the store and we bought a lot of things like shoes, clothes, etc. We also bought some food like eggs, kales, fruits, and snacks. We went home, cooked and ate then we took a small nap. I never forget my adventure with Francesca. She is a happy girl and likes playing a lot.


Little Red Riding Hood

By Marion, Kindergarten

The Red Riding Hood went to bring some Apples for his Grandma then she meet the wolf. Then the wolf told her where is your house then the Red Riding Hood Said there is our house then the wolf ran to there house then the Red riding Hood come back then she start saying what big teeth do you have then the wolf start saying I have big teeth to eat you then the Red Riding Hood said what big eyes you have then the wolf said I have big eyes to see you!


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