School-to-School Partnerships

School-to-School Partnerships
October 27, 2012 Media Team


The students of the Kibera School for Girls recently had their first School-to-School skype call with 4th and 5th graders across the world–in New Hampshire! Students exchanged questions about their favorite foods, responsibilities at home, and even performed their national anthems.

Our school-to-school program is an opportunity for students in the U.S. or abroad to:

  • Learn about East Africa
  • Forge a meaningful connection with students at the Kibera School for Girls
  • Educate peers about urban poverty, and the problems facing girls and their families in the Kibera slum
  • Help create a better future for our students, their families, and for the world!

School-to-School Partners want to learn more about the Kibera School for Girls, and the lives of our students. They plan programs to educate themselves and each other about life in Kenya, and in doing so, raise funds to help their friends in Kibera go to school. Partner schools raise $500-$1,000 for the Kibera School for Girls and once their projects are completed, School-to-School Partners are recognized on our website. The Kibera School for Girls is very grateful for Partner support, and students send Partners letters, photos, and home-videos to thank them for their efforts. And finally, Partners are invited to participate in an exchange with the Kibera School for Girls through letter-writing or videos.



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