Pre-K Reading Journals

Pre-K Reading Journals
September 2, 2013 Media Team

Every morning at the Kibera School for Girls our students have an hour long literacy session. This is a time when they either read as a group or independently, using reading techniques passed on to them by their teachers. The daily literacy session, which allows students to work on reading comprehension, vocabulary, and much more, is a key component of the KSG curriculum.

This June, during our Summer Institute program four teachers from the Chapin School, our sister school in New York City, came to Kenya for the third straight year to work with our teachers on developing our curriculum. While they covered a range of different topics and subjects, one very beneficial development was introducing reading journals to the daily literacy session. Each girl now has her own journal and uses it to write down details about the story they just read and their thoughts about the book. The Pre-K students use the journals to work on their spelling and vocabulary. They are urged to try their best to spell difficult words, even if they don’t know exactly how to spell them. The results are just what our teachers want — the girls may not spell the word right, but demonstrate progress in using how specific letters and letter combinations sound to “sound out” a word, a key tool in developing future spelling skills. We hope you’ll enjoy a few photos of the Pre-K students and their new reading journals!

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  1. Ting 11 years ago

    This is wonderful! I keep up with the Kibera’s school progress all the time, and I’m glad to see the girls having so much fun with their learning 🙂

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