Standard Chartered Volunteer Day

Standard Chartered Volunteer Day
September 17, 2013 Media Team

Last Friday we were joined in Kibera by the amazing team from Standard Chartered here in Kenya. Every year they take part in a branch-wide volunteer day where their employees come together to give back to the community. This year we were fortunate enough to welcome them to SHOFCO!

The volunteers joined us first thing in the morning to listen to our CEO Kennedy Odede tell the story of SHOFCO. Kennedy thanked them immensely for coming and then the volunteering began. The volunteers (whose numbers were in the hundreds) were split up into teams for many different projects. Whether it was by reading to our girls at the Kibera School for Girls, building sanitary community latrines, constructing shelfs for our library, training our Group Savings and Loans members on business marketing and sales, helping our IT and HR teams, the Standard Chartered team made a huge impact in a single day. In addition to all of that (and more!) they also held an eye clinic called Seeing is Believing where people from Kibera, and especially children, could come to get their eyes checked. We had over 2000 people, mainly school children, come to the clinic!

Overall it was a fun, activity-filled day with the wonderful people from Standard Chartered in Kenya. We can’t thank them enough and welcome them to come visit us anytime!


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