World Teacher Day!

World Teacher Day!
October 5, 2015 Media Team


We are so appreciative of our wonderful and dedicated teachers that help our girls flourish in and out of school. On World Teacher Day, we talked to KSG 5th Grader, Marion Adhiambo and her favorite teacher, Dorothy Akinyi. Read more below:

Marion, why is Teacher Dorothy your favorite teacher?

Her skills in teaching are great, and I also feel so good when she teaches me. The understanding becomes easier.

What is your favorite subject that she teaches?

Math is my favorite subject, and Teacher Dorothy has inspired me to love it. She explains things better than any other teacher. I love playing with numbers, and the way she teaches makes me understand so much more about them.

Apart from math and other school subjects, what else have you learned from Teacher Dorothy?

She is an outstanding woman – she is serious for serious issues, but she can also joke and laugh. I see her as a positive role model, and I have the courage to interact with her and even share my secrets because I know she will keep them. I really trust her.

Dorothy, what inspired you to first become a teacher?

I was inspired by my dad, who was also a teacher. I decided to pursue this field because I love interacting with kids so much. I feel they are so friendly and loyal.

You’ve been at the Kibera School for over three years now. What do you most enjoy about being here?

I love the students. They are amazing: they have incredible ideas in class, they are so cooperative, and they are disciplined.


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