Growing Girl Gurus

Growing Girl Gurus
May 16, 2018 administrateur

Growing Girl Gurus (GGG) is a mind-body therapy program for young girl survivors of gender-based violence. The program utilizes the healing power of yoga – breath work, physical postures, and meditation – to give girls ages 9 to 13 greater capacity for self-regulation and inner resilience. GGG is inspired by a growing body of evidence that supports yoga as an effective adjunct therapy for attenuating the symptoms of trauma. The program also incorporates trauma education, social and emotional learning exercises, mindfulness lessons, journaling, art therapy, dance, and song.

Our aim is to grow girls who deeply know and are rooted in their own strength, who have tools to find their inner calm in the midst of life’s trials, and who are inspired to pass on tools for healing to others. We believe that the trauma these girls have experienced can be transformed into a source of strength, peace, and well-being for the community.

The program also provides weekly lessons to SHOFCO’s Social Work and Gender Teams who are at risk for secondary trauma and compassion fatigue due to the nature of their work.


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