KSG Mentorship Program

KSG Mentorship Program
June 18, 2012 Media Team

At the center of Shining Hope’s programs is the Kibera School for Girls (KSG). The first thing you’ll learn about our students is that they are energetic, funny, smart, beautiful girls with big dreams: they want to be doctors, lawyers, engineers, scientists – some already have their eye set on the Kenyan presidency!

In the Kibera slum, the majority of the population does not have the opportunity to pursue higher education. Since our students have not had the opportunity to witness life outside of Kibera, they are simply unaware of all the professional and educational possibilities for their lives, including the pathways toward accessing these vast opportunities.

We want to show them everything their futures have the potential to hold as intelligent and successful women. In order to make this possible, we are looking for dynamic professional Kenyan women to join the KSG Mentorship Program.

The KSG Mentorship Program will pair each student one-on-one with a professional role model. The Mentorship Program’s goals include promoting strong academic achievement, bolstering the development of students’ self-esteem, and encouraging goal setting for our students, aged seven to ten. The mentors will be individuals who the girls can look to for advice and support about school, their personal lives, and career decisions.

The time commitment would involve a few hours once a month participating in mentorship activities (events at KSG or in Nairobi). This commitment will make a world of difference in the life of a girl. While the time every month is minimal, we are looking for those interested in building a long-term relationship with our students, as we hope mentors will continue with their mentee throughout her time at KSG – and hopefully beyond!


If you know of someone you could recommend as a dedicated mentor, please share this opportunity with her, or feel free to put us in touch with her directly.

Contact us at [email protected] with any questions.

We are extremely excited about this program and believe that it will have many benefits for both our students and the mentors!

Thank you!


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